Professional Option

  • Ancillary Electrothermal Furnace

    • Exclusive separation of slag and material. Easier to getting clean zinc material liquid.
    • Reduce waste material consumption
    • Keeping stable of zinc liquid temperature during casting.
    • Assist in remelting scrap or defective products
    • Reduce the risk of splashing when the scrap is remelted
  • Burr Generic Stamping Press

    • C- frame single crank mechanical press type and table type can choose.
    • Customization of die plate surface, stamping stroke, press pressure.
    • Design and customization of automatic exchange die plate table.
    • 6-axis with special automatic deburring Servo Presses.
  • CCD mold monitor

    Full-time monitoring of mold and product changes, combined with Tazimac professional integrated system, makes mold protection safer.
    Prevent mold damage:

    1. Reduce mold maintenance costs.
    2. Prevent losses due to production line stoppage.

    Improve production efficiency:

    1. Reduce the number of extrusions and reduce cycle time.
    2. Save costs and realize unmanned management.
  • Center sprayer

    • Able to support side sprayer can't reach space muti-mold selection. Replace artificial spray requirement.
    • Multi-mode selection, easy to choose.
    • Exclusive sprayer with spray liquid and air separate function.
    • Automatic mold surface slag cleaning.
    • Replenishment of mold release agent for deep mold cavity.
    • Uniform spraying on the entire mold surface.
  • Conveyor

    • Collocation with automatic take-out product specifications.
    • Customized length and width for conveyor.
    • Turbo fan assists casting product cooling.
    • Adjustable conveyer speed: conveying speed, intermittent time adjustment.
    • The height of the conveyor table is adjusted with the casting product size.
    • Customized production of automatic drop product conveyer.
    • Customized production of belt material.
  • Pressure tank for release agent

    • High specification pressure vessel imported from Japan
    • When filling the release agent, there is no need to let operators climb higher, so it can improve the operator's safety.
    • Cleaning mold runner and cooler, provide center sprayer, side sprayer release agent and semi-automatic extract the release agent from tank.
    • Pressure vessel standard:Capacity 24L,SUS304,Withstand voltage 0.49Mpa, thickness=1.2t,included level gauge and filter.
  • Take-out apparatus Direct type-servo version

    • Customized for the zinc alloy die casting industry to achieve an effective manpower saving requirement.
    • The industry's unique mechanism-type servo take-out machine with servo version.
    • Servo motor will provide extractor faster speed motion and accurate motion control.
    • Energy saving effect reaches 15%
  • Water Softener

    • Filter the lime and calcium and magnesium ions in the water to keep the life of the mold and the mold runner longer.
    • Free choice of industrial use and edible soft water.
    • Less consumables, easy to replace.
    • Fully automatic cleaning of soft water medium, saving manpower.

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