Full service

One-stop services.

We have a professional team to help you complete the one-stop service requirements from procurement to delivery for serve the new customers and foreign customers. You can easily to choose equipment, and will not waste extra money on unnecessary option.

One-stop service for customized zinc products.

For many customers who do not understand the manufacturing process of zinc alloy products. We will provide detailed instructions and quotations to help you shorten the product development and effectively reduce manufacturing costs to getting highly competitive products.
We are very welcome the customers who have ideas about the product to bring drawings or finished products to discuss. We can also provide many process solutions before you start production to help you shorten the development time.

Machine + mold development one-stop service.

We provide one-stop delivery and test mold services for customers who are transforming or expanding production lines. Special for customers who have no experience in zinc alloys manufacturing.
The services includes: Helping customers discrimination from the zinc alloy product to select machine=> from design to manufacturing new mold=> mold test and operate teaching => zinc alloy product commissioning.
If you have casting technical problem or operator not enough in transforming begin. We will also provide casting suppliers to help reach you short-term insufficient production requirements.

From purchase to use
We provide complete teaching services

Machine operation teaching

Pass through the future years of experience with internal education and training and external teaching. We have a complete education and training system. It will help customers shorten the training time of new employees and make the production line more efficient.

Casting teaching

If you still don’t know how to choose casting conditions for various products. We will provide and recommend corresponding casting condition according to the thin or thick product condition.

Exquisite teaching, operation manual.

The detailed and complete user manual. In addition to basic mechanical operation teaching, it also includes structural maintenance and circuit inspection and repair guidance. It can let your frontline workers maintenance will not waste too much time on equipment maintenance and achieve a higher production capability.

Independent Place for Mold and Machine testing.

We have Independent space for mold test and machine operate special in the industry. It is definitely not a temporary space for short-term testing or teaching.
The independent place included machine and all the relevant of zinc alloy equipment. It can provide buyers for future planning reference and clearly understand the real needs of their products in the casting manufacturing process from our all machine option. We are never let buyers pay unnecessary money to buy our machine and relate option.

Three spot of guarantees.

Product verification before delivery

For the new customers who are preparing to transform or are preparing to join casting industry. They are often not sure which type of machine to buy is the most suitable with their production. We directly provide casting product verification services after purchase. Whether you want to check the defects after casting or post processing casting defects. We can help you achieve the final yield verification.

Online maintenance serves system

We use special "VPN" technology to provide on-line maintenance services for different domains under fully encrypted and secure web pages. We are used the encryption equipment of the Swedish manufacturer "TOSHIBOX". Pass through the special key with TOSHIBOX locker to link with wan and land achieve communication with client. In addition to make sure on-line link is stable but also quality of connection maintenance is easily. It also guarantees that it will not be invaded by hackers or viruses in the middle.

Clear quotation and contract process

We have very clear quotation process to make customers understand the product price directly after the machine type and equipment options are selected.

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