Feature of products

Heating element

It is a high-performance and energy-saving machine, which can be repaired for repeated use, so as to reduce the consumables cost greatly.

Constant temperature control system

It shows the temperature difference on the computer directly, and supplements the current through the controller based on the temperature loss, so as to reduce uncertainty in operations and power loss.

Electrothermal heater and plate with special structure

The even temperature design of the entire flow circulation is our pride and innovation for the electrothermal technology, which does not only prolong the service life of material spray parts, but is also a much improved version of the traditional gas heating method.

Electrothermal system

The uniform-temperature electrothermal element in this special structure integrates the heating device and the injection parts perfectly. By uniformly heating the flow channel and the injection head, it can achieve high-quality finished products and extend the service life of injection parts.

Sheet metal

Top-level sheet metal process: With attention to every detail, it is a perfect interpretation of precision and accuracy, which is safe, convenient and firm. You will be impressed by the TAZIMAC hot chamber die casting machine at first sight.

PLC and control interface

The colorful touchscreen LCD of Mitsubishi PLC realizes more stable control through the precision control system. It has a more enhanced digital display, is more user-friendly and features a logic operation interface. The setting from mold closing to injection is simple and fast, and is easy-to-learn. It especially selected the Schneider button switch series to extend the service life of the operating buttons.

Our exclusive hydraulic and electric operation monitoring system integrates the status indicators and fault warning function, to reduce the maintenance cost and increase the mechanical efficiency easily. This can help to increase capacity and improve product competitiveness.

Hydraulic press system

It shows the numeric injection pressure in simple curves. It allows the user to know the yield rate of finished products and reduce operation error, which also converts the yield rate into values.

Proportional mold closing and injection control valve combines with the sequence valve, injection system and circuit to achieve protection in three layers. It guarantees high stability and operation safety of the manifold.

The injection system adopts an exclusive 3-stage selection design (slow, fast and boost), so as to set the thickness and quality of finished products more freely.

The mold closing adopts low-pressure protection device to guarantee the safety of personnel and the molds.

4-Stage Spray-Wash Selection: Spray-wash for front mold, spray-wash for rear mold, spray-wash for all, and selective spray-wash

Mold closing and injection pressure can be adjusted independently.


Based on precision processing and years of experience in structure design, the full-series crank ensures high accuracy and low accumulative tolerance. Moreover, it adopts an auto-lubricating machine integrated with the warning system to save manpower for maintenance and lessen risk factors for uncertainty, thus extending the service life of the mechanism.

Warning of Starving

It features a Warning of Starving setting which reduces the manpower expense to monitor the furnace and improve the management efficiency. Moreover, it can achieve uniform furnace temperature and improve unstable factors such as injection force, so as to further improve the quality of finished products.