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Tazimac Company was founded in 1989 as a company that is dedicated to automatic control, oil hydraulic system,development of zinc alloy die casting machines and accessories . It began to produce hot chamber die casting machines in 1999. The company’s precision on mechanical integration is extremely high as oil hydraulic system and electricity system is its forte. We can strengthen the features of an electrothermal system, thus we have exclusive R&D for heating elements that save on power and energy and are convenient to replace. We concentrate on furnace temperature control technology, which is of great help in improving die casting quality. We are the leader with the richest experience among all the brands at present.

Through years of research and innovation, high precision and excellent performance of our products are specially exhibited in complicated yet accurate die casting parts. Therefore, we conduct extensive research for products such as those in the electronics industry, building hardware, bathroom equipment, lock, etc..

Core Value

Innovative R&D

Mainly focused on the oil hydraulic system and electricity system industry, the company started from the maintenance of hot chamber die casting machines of Germany, Japan and Taiwan. Therefore, it can integrate the strengths of the manufacturers easily, make innovations through the customers’ feedback, improve quality of die casting machines through continuous R&D, to resolve technical problems of die castings and improve casting quality.


Precision rate of hot chamber die casting machines emphasizes on integrated cooperation. Only the integration of oil hydraulic system, electricity system, mechanical structure, die cast design, electric heat and accessories can effectively improve the mechanical quality and profit competitiveness of die casting production.


Our team provides professional assistance for our customers as its contribution for Taiwan’s local industry.

Electric heat energy-saving system

Low and stable temperature change, good heat insulation, power saving, high performance, easy assembly and disassembly, and low cost of repair.

To generate high profits and produce good quality production for customer, the electrothermal system of hot chamber die casting machines is the key. If temperature difference is too big, it easily results to poor quality of die casting production. The electric heat furnace developed by the company can solve these problems.

We adopt the sealed heating method to ensure that heat energy is not easily lost. With good heat insulation and small temperature error, it can not only improve the quality of die castings, but also decrease energy cost due to temperature change. The high utilization rate of simple replacement design and factory repair of heating elements is our proud design.

On the contrary, traditional burner heat furnace can easily place safety and security at high risk. Our electrothermal system can maintain normal environment safety and provide dual safety protection loops. Low pollution improves the working environment, and service life of electric parts of machines is extended because of reduced carbon emission.

Independent Place for Mold and Machine testing.

We have independent space for mold test and machine operate special in the industry.
It is definitely not a temporary space for short-term testing or teaching.

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