Feature Introduction

In order to meet the requirements for high density and surface technology of castings at this stage, Tazimac keeps developing various advanced technologies that are in line with modern technology to meet various difficulties and challenges.

Intelligent Assistance Function

TAZIMAC develops many automation options related to zinc alloy equipment. Not only to assisting users in efficient production, but also developed and integration by our self. We created high software and hardware compatibility, maintain and fault resolution are very easy.

Professional Option

  • Conveyor

    • Collocation with automatic take-out product specifications.
    • Customized length and width for conveyor.
    • Turbo fan assists casting product cooling.
    • Adjustable conveyer speed: conveying speed, intermittent time adjustment.
    • The height of the conveyor table is adjusted with the casting product size.
    • Customized production of automatic drop product conveyer.
    • Customized production of belt material.
  • Water Softener

    • Filter the lime and calcium and magnesium ions in the water to keep the life of the mold and the mold runner longer.
    • Free choice of industrial use and edible soft water.
    • Less consumables, easy to replace.
    • Fully automatic cleaning of soft water medium, saving manpower.
  • CCD mold monitor

    Full-time monitoring of mold and product changes, combined with Tazimac professional integrated system, makes mold protection safer.
    Prevent mold damage:

    1. Reduce mold maintenance costs.
    2. Prevent losses due to production line stoppage.

    Improve production efficiency:

    1. Reduce the number of extrusions and reduce cycle time.
    2. Save costs and realize unmanned management.

Exclusive automation integration

  • ROBOT take product to remove burrs

  • MES system

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